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How to train your puppy


Canine Revolution has been training and rehabilitating dogs that have often been on their last trainer before being put down and at other times had dogs that were just out of control and need to learn some manners.

The great thing for you is you have a puppy and that means you have a beautiful clean slate to build on. So lets lay some good foundations and start teaching some manners.

Teaching puppies is super fun and we are going to show you how we use a marker systems coupled with rewards to speed up your puppies learning. Remember using food should be a reward and NOT a bride.

For only $300 for a 5 session program. Each session is held at one of our locations. 

What People Are Saying

"I would highly recommend James to train your dog.We have 2 pitbull x kelpie rescue dogs,we got them at 2 1/2 years old with a very strong tendency to pull ,after 3 lessons with the right equipment they walk beside us"

"We saw results with our 1st session explained everything i recommend"

"i took her on the easiest 30mins walk ever!! Walked next to me the entire time no pulling smiley"

Can training be this easy?

✔ Learn to Use Markers, Clickers, Targets.
✔ Learn the right time to use Positive and Negative Reinformcement.
✔ Watch us work dogs live and talk through the issues we see.
✔ Understand how to get good dog socialisation.
✔ What equipment is good and what is NOT.


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