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We Train Your Dog

We Train Your Dog

Guaranteed Results


So your having some issues with your fury friend? Our consults are a great place to start!

We offer a free assessment to you & your dog to evaluate which program will be right for you. From here our consults are customized to you & your dog & the outcome you wish to achieve.

Each Program is customosed to you and your dog such as.

  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Stop Jumping Up
  • Stop Excessive Barking
  • Being Cranky at other dogs or people
  • Sitting and Staying when told to
  • Crate Training
  • Teaching them to Come back when called
  • Dog Aggression
  • Plus More

We offer 1, 3 & 5 session consultation packages. Having several consults is an important part of your dogs training. Think of it as your dogs own personal trainer. Just like if I told you to eat & salad & work out once, a single consult doesn’t modify your dogs behaviour. The 3 & 5 sessions allows us to continually work, motivate & shape your dogs behaviour as well as giving you the tools to apply these lessons long into the future.

1 Session Consult: $195

3 Session Consult: $395

5 Session Consult: $600