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This M44 Bomb Killed this boys dog and almost him.

This M44 Bomb Killed this boys dog and almost him.

Breaking: How is the USDA allowed to use this bomb that killed a boys dog and almost the boy himself in the backyard?!


I want you to go and watch this video and share it. While this happend in IDAHO USA is this what we will allow the goverments to do? Will we allow this kind of danger in our own backyards. For something that they feel was to control wild animals like Wolves or Coyotes how is it these residents were never told about and almost ended up killing this boy. 

On the week of March 18th 2017 a 14 year old boy Canyon Mansfield was out taking his Golden Labrador for a walk just behind the family home.

The boy noticed a sprinkler looking thing on the ground and him and his dog walked over to check things out. Well as he went in to look at what it was and he slightly touched it it EXPLODED and an Orange Gas came out of it. This gas went straight into Caseys face. The dog immediately could not see and "had red stuff coming out of his mouth" as Canyon Said. 

This was CYANIDE! Are you hearing this? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!

“300 yards from this swingset next to my house there were 2 cyanide bombs. It kills anything. It almost killed my child and it did kill my dog,” Mark said. “I don’t want it to kill my neighbors.”

This boy is lucky to be alive!


EDITOR - James Maturana


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