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How to Train a Staffy

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Stafford Shire Bull

The Old Fashioned Bull dog was a fierce, courageous animal used in the sports of bear and
bull baiting as early as the mid sixteenth century

Breed History

In 1935 the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was recognized by the Kennel Club in England and enthusiasts were able to conduct conformation matches. The sport of dogfighting had long been made illegal and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier had evolved into a dog of such temperament as to make him a fine pet and companion and a worthy show dog.

The dog which this produced, averaging between 30 and 45 pounds, became the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Is super important to start your staffy from the moment you get them. It does not matter if you get them at 8 Weeks, 8 Months or 8 Years old. Training starts the moment you bring them in the car.

Build a Relationship

What better way to start your relationship then with hand feeding your staffy. Training and building a bond with a dog start with food, shelter and structure. Provide those things and you will end up with a super have staffy.


I love crates for dogs to sleep in at night and for some time out during the day. This give them a safe and secure place to call their own and a place they can go to be alone if it gets to much with kids, guest etc. Make their crate something they love to go into. You can do this by feeding them i that crate, tossing treats in there, place a chewing bone for them to have fun with while in there. And yes. You do have to close the door. they will be fine and give you more from it. During the day i would not leave them in there for longer than 4 hours. Less for puppies as they need to pee and poop. For adults the same thing. At night they can go in there from bed time 8.30pm or so till the next morning. Once again puppies will need to go out during the day. But this will also give you a perfect tool to house train your puppy or adult staffy.


Make sure its safe and secure. Weather its a dog house or under the covers you need to make sure its weather appropriate. Warm in winter, cool in summer.

Start NOW

Build the relationship with food, pats and playing games. Start shaping the behaviour you actually want. Teach them how to sit, lay down, come to you with food at the start and we can always add some (Well you still have to do it) after.


Take them everywhere you would want them to go when adults. If already grown then take them with you but make sure with adult there is no pulling on lead, no sniffing the ground or stopping to pee or poop until you tell them. Yes that means a grown dog can wait for 10-15 mins to do any of that in every walk.. you are leading not them.

Be a Leader

Wheather you like it or not dogs follow leadership or if you wont give it to them they will show you leadership and you will be subordinate to them. From the start we start to shape behaviour with food.. But it can not stop there. We must create leadership but having them wait for things such as food, not pull on lead, staying on their bed until you tell them its ok to come off for starters. Each dog will require something based around these simple ideas but tailoring to an adult dog will require some guidance.

Create Calmness

This is my favourite thing in dogs. To many people create these dogs with hi anxious behaviours, over the top excitement thinking its a happy loyal dog. Could not be further from truth. Creating a calm, loyal animal takes a little work each day with what i have written above. Follow at least this basic outline and start to see the beauty in a dog / human relationship.


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