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Crate Training a Bull Terrier

Crate training is one of the most useful things you can start teaching your dog. Think about this. You buy a puppy and want to toilet train him so where do you start? Well strict schedule but guess what you use… Yes you use a crate so your puppy is not making mistakes. The moment you bring him out of his crate you take him to his potty spot. If your dog needs to travel the safest way is in a secure crate. If your dog needs to be at the vet for overnight stay then guess what they will be sleeping in, yes a crate.. So how can we get started.

1. find a crate big enough your dog.
2. you can use food each and every time your dog goes into their crate
3. practice going in and out lots
4. lock the door and open it expecting them to wait.

I made a video with a session we did with this young Bull Terrier. Take a look and listen out for the tips to crate training.

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