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James Maturana here from Canine Revolution Dog Training. 

We have jumped into 2020 like a labrador into water.  Having a good recall for your dog is such an important command to have. You saw in the video above how good it can be when you have taught it correctly.

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Here are a few tips you can do to get a better recall. Remember in training you must have the behaviour happening first and then you add the command.

1. Find what motivates your dogs such as balls, toys, food
2.  Daily – Move away from your dog so your dog follows you and you reward as tey get to you (Spend 5 mins on this)

3. Toss a treat between your legs so they run through. As they run through move away and turn around to face them and get ready for them to start coming back your way. As they do say YES and toss another treat under your legs. Repeat for a few mins.
4. Play hide and go seek but start with an easy hide. Call their name and as they find you say YES and reward with Food, Tug Toy or Ball.

All the above are just a few ways to start building a positive association for the dog being around you and for coming to you.

If you want to know more about how we can help you teach your dog a good recall or how to fix other behaviour issues you can book directly into this program or even schedule a free call with us. CLICK HERE

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