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We Train Your Dog

We Train Your Dog

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Board, Rehabilitation and Training Programs

We are currently offering 3 Board and Train Programs for your dogs. We offer a 3 week, 4 week and 5 week program depending on the level of rehabilitation required and the depth of training the dog can achieve. At the end of the Board & Train Program James or one of his trainers will take you through what the dog has learned and coach you on how you can continue the success that has already been achieved.

Our Board and Train programs are Intensive Lifestyle Programs and we work to create balanced, calm dogs that can be interactive members of your family. To us, having dogs is a privilege and being able to create dogs that fit into our human lifestyles is important. We believe every dog is special and being able to create a content human dog/relationship gives all of us the freedom we deserve.


  • 3 Week Program $2395
  • 4 Week Program $2795
  • 5 Week Program $3295

*Please note there is a surcharge for Board & Train programs booked during the school & Christmas holiday period. Please contact us for prices.

These programs are designed for dogs that have issues such as pulling on lead, acting aggressive towards dogs, humans or livestock, hyperactivity, anxiety, separation anxiety and a complete lack of understanding what you are asking of them.

What they will learn :

  • Walking properly on a leash by your side. Free from pulling, dragging, lunging, barking around distractions
  • Place Command
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Kennel Up (Go into your crate its bed time)
  • Recall (Come when called)
  • Dog Reactivity and Aggression issues - Being able to walk around other dogs in a stable manner, better social skills
  • Impulse control
  • Wait for food
  • Eliminating Bad Behaviors - Jumping up on people, jumping up on onto counter, No Nipping or Biting, Quiet

Board & Train Policy

Once you are accepted into our programs you will be sent and invoice which can be paid with Paypal, Cash or Direct Bank Transfer.
The FULL payment is due to secure your dogs placement!

The board and train fees include a NON Refundable $1000 Deposit. If you need to change the dates of your booking we can do that with other suitable dates where space is available.